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Hays, Kansas Section 8 Office |

Guide to Hays Section 8 Office Locations in Kansas

The Hays Section 8 office in Kansas is an important facility. If you are struggling financially and need help affording a safe, clean place to live, this program may be able to help you. Depending on your circumstances, you also may be able to apply for Hays housing choice voucher (HCV) benefits if you are disabled or elderly. Regardless, you need to know how to contact your Hays Section 8 office so you know if you qualify to enroll.

When you are searching for a Hays Section 8 office near you, keep in mind that this facility may be called something different. Your Kansas Section 8 office may also be called a housing authority facility. The Hays office may also be referred to as a Kansas HUD house. This is because HUD (the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) is the federal department that manages the program. Therefore, you should be ready to search for any of these location names when you are ready to apply for Section 8 in Hays, Kansas.

Find a Hays Section 8 Office in Kansas

The Hays Section 8 office locations that you can apply at in Kansas are listed below. You can use these entries to find the closest facility to you. If you cannot find the exact Hays housing authority location you are searching for, you can also find facilities if you search by:

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