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Section 8 For Veterans Guide | Section 8 Housing

Section 8 for Veterans

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Beginner’s Guide to Section 8 for Veterans

Section 8 for veterans is slightly different from the civilian version of this program. Managed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), this program helps people receive veterans housing assistance. However, Section 8 housing for veterans has a different name. Military members enroll in the HUD-VA Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) Program. Along with HUD, this program is funded by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

The HUD-VASH is the official version of the Section 8 veterans housing assistance program. Housing for veterans and their families can be difficult to come by. However, this program helps to make it easier for low-earning individuals to receive assistance. In fact, candidates who enroll in HUD-VASH are usually able to more easily access housing for veterans and their families. This is because funds are set aside to make sure veterans can receive support. 

Section 8 Housing for Disabled Veterans Eligibility

In order to enroll in the Section 8 veterans housing voucher program, candidates must meet certain requirements. First, applicants need to be military veterans. Generally, this program provides housing for homeless veterans. Sometimes, these individuals may also have severe physical or mental health conditions that limit their ability to function. As a result, veterans who meet these requirements may qualify to receive benefits.

How to Apply for Section 8 for Veterans

When you are ready to apply for the HUD-VASH veterans housing program, contact your local public housing agency (PHA). These PHAs receive Section 8 funds directly from HUD. As a result, they distribute benefits. If you need help finding a Section 8 office near you, use this website to help you find an office. Additionally, when you are ready to apply for benefits, be sure you bring:

  • Your ID.
  • Proof of your earnings.
  • Proof of your military service.

Where to Use Section 8 Veteran Housing Benefits

Individuals who enroll in this Section 8 veterans housing assistance program can use their benefits to rent houses and apartments. However, candidates need to apply for vouchers in the areas where they want to live. Although HUD-VASH is a federal Section 8 housing choice voucher program, PHAs in individual communities administer these funds. All parts of the country offer their own Section 8 veteran housing programs. However, veterans can only use their vouchers in the areas where they were issued. Therefore, households must remember this when they decide to apply for the Section 8 veterans housing benefits program.