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Guide To The Section 8 Inspection | Section 8 Housing

Section 8 Inspection

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Your Guide to the Section 8 Inspection

The Section 8 inspection is an important step you need to complete before you can begin using your program voucher. Before you can use your Section 8 benefits, you need to make sure the house or apartment meets program standards. To verify this, a local public housing agency (PHA) representative needs to inspect the facility. If the apartment passes the inspection, you can move in. If it does not, the landlord needs to fix the issue before he or she can rent to you.

These Section 8 inspection requirements are in place to ensure that you move into an apartment or house that is safe and clean. Since the Section 8 program focuses on providing low-earning families with acceptable accommodations, it is important that your rental property meets these requirements. Moving can be a stressful time, so you may be worried about the property passing this Section 8 housing inspection. However, the more you understand this process, the less intimidating it will be.

What does Section 8 look for in an inspection?

After you learn the answer to, “What is a Section 8 inspection?” you may wonder what the PHA will look for when it inspects the apartment you are interested in. Generally, the PHA needs to make sure the property is inhabitable. Office workers have an official Section 8 inspection checklist they need to follow to make sure facilities are up to code. For example, these workers will make sure the facility is clean and does not have lead-based paint. The inspection will also make sure it has sufficient utilities, such as electricity and water. Furthermore, the Section 8 inspection list will also address the following aspects of the apartment:

  • Overall structure and durability
  • Whether the space is secure and can be locked
  • Air quality
  • Local neighborhood security
  • Smoke detectors

How long does a Section 8 inspection take?

Depending on where you live, Section 8 inspection guidelines state how long the PHA has to conduct this review. In some states, the PHA inspectors have between seven and 10 days to arrange these assessments. However, different counties and jurisdictions may have their own rules about how long PHAs have to complete this step. If you have specific questions about this, contact your local Section 8 office.

Additionally, remember that the Section 8 tenant inspection will not take long to complete. Furthermore, your inspection is usually quicker if you are trying to rent a smaller house or apartment. In any case, remember that the PHA worker cannot leave until the entire property has been inspected.

What happens after a Section 8 inspection?

After the PHA representative completes your Section 8 inspection form, you will learn if the facility passed the review. If this is the case, you can begin the next steps to move into the facility. Your PHA worker will let you know what else you need to do before you can use your voucher for that home. Usually, there will be paperwork you need to complete and sign.  

How long after a Section 8 inspection can I move in?

Once the Section 8 inspection guidelines are met for the property you want to rent, you are a step closer to moving in. However, remember that the wait time for actually moving into the property may vary. As a result, you should be flexible with your move-in date. However, if you need additional information, you can call the Section 8 inspection phone number for your office.

What happens if you fail a Section 8 inspection?

If your Section 8 inspection failed, you will experience delays in your move-in date. This is because you cannot move into the facility until your Section 8 inspection passed. If your prospective apartment did not pass the inspection, the landlord needs to improve the aspect of the dwelling that did not pass. If he or she does not do this, you need to find another apartment or house to rent.

What is a quality control inspection for Section 8?

The quality control inspection for Section 8 occurs once you move in. Sometimes, these inspections are scheduled randomly. When you will be subject to one of these reviews, PHA representatives will make sure your home continues to meet the Section 8 inspection rules. If the facility passes, you can continue living there. Otherwise, the landlord will be asked to make the necessary improvements to ensure the house meets program requirements.